The F1 Frog Blog


This is the blog of F1 Frog, and you can see in the menu some of the long reports and opinions I have written. If you click on the categories in the menu you will be given the links to all the reports. I hope this makes it easier to read.

I will write a full weekend report on every F1, BTCC and Formula e meeting in 2022, as well as anything else that happens in one of these motorsports that I have a strong opinion about. If you disagree with anything said in the F1 Frog Blog and want to have an argument about it, feel free to write your own opinion in the comments section; I enjoy arguing about motorsport. But please keep it polite and respectful. I will also try to improve the appearance of the site in the future. Thank you for reading, and enjoy the F1 Frog Blog.

I am currently writing a ranking of the top 100 F1 drivers of all time. They are being written in reverse order, and I will attempt to write one per day.

Apologies for the adverts at the bottom of each article. I did not choose them and do not want them, but they are expensive to remove. Please try to ignore them.

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